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The European SPES Forum is an international network of individuals and organizations with the overall aim to make spirituality accessible as a public good to as many people as possible. It focuses on experience based spirituality that succeeds in making a connection between day-to-day activities and the inner quest for meaning.

The SPES Academy was founded to realize this mission by organizing conferences, workshops, action-oriented research and the publication of a series of cahiers. The European SPES Forum launched the youth project ‘Imagine Europe’.
The mission is expressed in the key word of SPES, being on the one hand an acronym for ‘SPirituality in Economics and Society’ and, on the other hand, the Latin word for Hope, the virtue that sustains our belief in a better future. Spirituality is deliberately defined in broad and pluralistic terms so that the Forum may bring together people from different spiritual backgrounds and traditions. The Forum defines spirituality as people’s multiform search for meaning interconnecting them with all living beings and to God or Ultimate Reality.
Within this definition there is room for differing views, for spiritualities with and without God and for an ethics of dialogue. The Forum stands for a spiritual-based humanism which, among others, European ‘personalist’ philosophers have defended on philosophical grounds.

On a more organisational level, the Forum functions as an interface and a network for three target groups:
  1. academic centres interested in research on the social meaning and impact of spirituality
  2. values-driven organisations engaged in social and economic activities (companies, non-profit organisations, public services)
  3. interested individuals, especially students preparing for their professional and social lives

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